Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Housing evaluation

I've gotten in the SMA housing, and I wanted to check I calculated the size of the board correctly.  I cut up sticky-notes to approximate the board size.

I used digital calipers to verify I cut correctly.  It was slightly larger than what I designed which is ok to include margin of error.  The thickness is especially important.  Turns out it was just right.

You can see below how the board will fit inside the housing.  It will be tilted slightly so the center of the board touches the center post of the housing.  It leans over so one side of the board is resting of the bottom of the housing.  This will give me just enough room to get a soldering iron in there.

The housing slides over the top of the connector rather loose.  It does not lock in on the connector anywhere though so it will slide right off.   Looking at the datasheet, they have a cavity where you are supposed to use a punch on the housing.  Perhaps if I only punch it a little bit, I can slide the housing off when needed, but will hold enough when I want it to stay on.  It does not make contact with the mock PCB which is the real requirement.  I expect the boards will fit when they arrive.

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