Monday, January 4, 2016

New installation

I had an idea for a new installation method.  I dremmeled slots where the housing pins are located and dropped the board straight down into the housing so it lies flat.

The board is flush to the bottom of the housing.  The board is held in place by the tab like a through hole component.  It's just the right height.  It's possible this is how the housing is intended to be used it works so well.

I will update my layout and do another board spin.  I'll also shrink the board dimensions just slightly to help it fit better.  In the meantime I'll try to come up with a quantitative way to measure its performance with the tools on hand.


  1. Where did you get the housing?
    Got any more details on it? I love the idea of using something like that but I can't find anything similar in the UK

    1. In stock at Digikey. I believe they ship overseas. Part number is SMA-KIT-1.5MF from Crystek.

    2. How is the pcb grounded to the housing?